Cold Weather Sellers’ Checklist

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Cold Weather Sellers’ Checklist: 4 Tips for Staying Open House-Ready

Selling your home during the winter months can be tricky, especially for homeowners living in regions frequently affected by snow. From unforeseeable storms to unwanted messes around the house, keeping your selling timeline on-track may seem daunting – but don’t fret! Here are a few tips to keep your home open-house ready during the snowy month

• Get ‘em in the door – You have to get potential buyers in the door, but with snowy driveways and slick walkways this can be easier said than done. Be sure to clear a path to the front door, and don’t forget to salt the walkways; you want buyers to fall in love with your home, not slip on their way in!

• Let there be light – With winter days being shorter and often darker it’s important to give your home some light. By simply pulling back any drapery and turning on lamps and overhead lights you can make your entire home look and feel brighter.

• Keep it cozy, not stuffy – While you want to keep your home comfortable and heated, many potential buyers will likely be bundled up while visiting. Rather than cranking the heat, offer a plate of cookies and hot drinks to keep the house feeling warm and give it a natural sweet smell.

• Tidy up – Winter-weather clothing is bulky; snow boots, puffy jackets, scarfs and mittens can easily pile up by the front door. Declutter your entryways – pack away your outdoor gear to make your home look clean and organized.